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I was doing so well until now

so I was doing very well in terms of managing my anxiety up until yesterday and today. for no reason at all, I was just on my laptop yesterday and I started feeling a bit off, and I told my self it was anxiety and that everything would be fine, the anxious thoughts and feelings were still there and I tried to ignore it up until my brother came up to me and go in my personal space and that was when my anxiety got very bad... I don't know about anyone else but when it hits me, even when I don't get the typical heart pounding and sweats all the time, just the thoughts it self consumes me and I literally don't want to talk to anyone except just be by myself..

anyways, now I'm kind of having a freak out, I had a pain in my left shoulder /arm and I started getting anxious again and I started having these thoughts of sudden death.. as I went to eat, I suddenly had a bit of trouble breathing which scared me even more..

so I guess I decided to come back on here, I was so tempted to go to hospital, I'm convinced something really is wrong with my heart or something had developed since the last time I saw my doctor... my left shoulder and arm feels really weak and uncomfortable right now and I feel really tired and as I feel like I'm having trouble breathing..

actually so sick of it all, sometimes I get really angry at myself and at anxiety..

I'd much rather have my physical symptoms/pains in my lower body than my upper.. so then atleast I wouldn't worry about my heart...

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Hello ngyyyisex

I'm so sorry your having a rough time but I know exactly how you feel. I was doing kinda ok till Friday when I was feeling anxious and then couldn't hear anything for a few seconds that really freaked me out my anxiety was so bad that day actually it was really bad all weekend as I decided to head home for the weekend and I was alone there I had a few attacks but now that I'm back at my parents I feel a little relieved.

Hang in there :)


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