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Does anyone's anxiety make them worry about their relationship & if they love their partner still? Am feeling down about work & being 30

I'm really struggling at the mo so any advice will be appreciated. Ok here goes.....I am 30 years old (31 next week) and have been with my partner 8 years in sept. We live together and are are going on a fab holiday in sept together. I have always felt anxious around men and since I started my current job about 16 months ago I have felt constantly anxious, as I work in a largely male company. It has made me feel so anxious it makes me question my relationship and my love for my partner. I didn't feel like this before I started working here. I also think I'm going through the 7 year itch and keep questioning myself and freaking out thinking things like I'm never going to have that first date or first kiss again and this is my life and it does feel scary. We aren't married. I am also very down about being 30/31 and keep reminiscing and thinking about my college days and my first ever boyfriend/first love when I was 17 at college and how life used to be back then. It all feels so long ago and it makes me sad I'm never going to be that young again, life was just fun and carefree back then. To be with my boyfriend I also moved town to live with him (only 1 hour away) and it also makes me feel sad that I don't live where I grew up.

Please could I have your advice. I know I am happy and I know I love my partner but all the anxiety and worry I'm going through at the mo is completely shadowing everything :0(

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30 wow what a fabulous YOUNG age, reminiscing is brilliant isn't it, aw them days when you were carefree, I love thinking about my younger days, the fun times, memories, keep me sane in my moments of madness tbh...sometimes in life we stop and take stock its natural, see where we've been, and what we are aiming for, I think this is what your doing, but think about all the memories, fabulous highs that haven't happened yet, you have no way of knowing what fun times are ahead, that's exciting surely...I have a friend whom we go to various exercise classes with, and she is in her 60's and she is always so outwardly young, happy and upbeat, another lady asked her what was her secret and she said she has never said to herself she's old or blames not being able to do things on being old, her advice is your either ALIVE no matter what age or dead, simples! How true...Sometimes in life you get "opportunities" this is one for you to change what you don't like, introduce new things, change your job perhaps, learn something new, take your relationship to a different level...take care Dee


Hi Tink it's strange but when I was in my early thirties that was when I was most dissatisfied with my life. I think your mind is telling you to make changes. Yes take your relationship to a new level or move on maybe. You're not married ,you haven't children ,you're young ,the worlds your oyster. I think how you're feeling is totally natural. And like you I couldn't work with a group of men,but a lot of us women feel like that. Be positive as you sound like an intelligent,thoughful young person with an amazing happy future ahead of you. xx


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