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Urgh, health anxiety all the time :(

I've got this constant worry that I have epilepsy. Some days I'm completely fine and don't worry about it but then something will happen and it brings all the worry back! I got put on citalopram and ever since I've been on them I've been have these episodes. I don't know what they are but I can try and describe how I feel, I start to feel really flushed and breathless, my throat feels really hot and tingling goes all through my chest and my cheeks. Afterwards I feel pretty monged out and tired. My mum and my sister have epilepsy, so hence the stupid worrying. I just feel like every time this happens in my head I get this dread feeling that it is epilepsy and imagine how my life will change etc and it terrifies me! I feel like being on citalopram should have made all the worry go away but then I also feel like if they're making me like this then I wanna stop taking them! I don't know why this keeps happening :( I'm just really scared that it is what I think it is! Help meeeeee :(

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It is not stupid worrying because it is happening to you so try not think of things being stupid as your adding another negative to the already bad situation. Your thought process is what is causing the anxiety to kick in. These things your describing are all linked to anxiety which is massive cause it is real to you as it is to me. Try if you can when it starts by telling yourself I am n to stupid, intact this feeling in real but i do not like it, so I am going to look up some yoga breath on line and sit with it - shoulders down!! try it. Mindfullness is great also and if you can pray as God does not want you to feel this, he wants joy in heart every day. Epilepsy is scary and no-ones knows what lies ahead but for today you don't have it, try and look at the good things in your life and try saying them out loud. I had a bad day yesterday so i got a blanket and laid it out on the floor like at the beach - lay down and done some breathing and thought about a nice beach where the sun was lovely and warm. Surround your thoughts with the good things x x Worth a try x


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