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Pain please go away!

I am feeling like rubbish. The sore back in ribs and back is back again and sore as hell! Every movement is hell and pain killers only take it away for some moments. Eating makes it sore too. It's hell. It's like all over the top half of my body and well it's not nice. I wish doctors were open on weekends but I will wait and see what's next weeks bring

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Hello, sorry to hear you're in pain :( I know its annoying when doctors are shut when you need them :/ I used to think this all the time! I'm not sure if your on this community as well as living with anxiety on this site but both are brilliant if you need advice, have a nice night cx


Check your vitamin D levels.


Sorry that you are in pain.

ring on monday and ask for an appointment.

if they say "is it an emergency?" say yes - emergency in this case means "can it wait until another day?" you need to see someone because of the pain. is there a walk-in centre nearby?

there can be many causes for your pain, e.g. a fall, fibromyalgia, costa chondritis and many more.

we cannot diagnose anyone, we can only advise.

if it gets too bad ring 111, or go to a&e, or even 999.

let us known how you go.


hamble :)


Hi everyone :) I am feeling a lot more better today and the pain isn't as strong. Pain killers are working and muscle rubs working too. I've called NHS Wales and they informed me it's that muscle pain which can happen in the chest wall and in the ribs ( the name fails me right now) I am going to see my doctor on Thursday morning. I am thinking I'm not dying but I will get it sorted out this week


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