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Hi Everyone. New here, just a quick intro & thank you!

This forum seems like such an amazing community, and I look forward to contributing to what y'all have created here in any way I can. In the past month reading through posts, I've seen such vast courage, humility & insight displayed by the members & mods; it's really something else.

To keep this short & sweet, I just want to thank you all for what you do here. Not many are willing to reach out in their darkest times, and fewer are willing to reach back. Anxiety is a beast with a nature all it's own, but together we can learn to understand and embrace it for what it is-something I try to remind myself is really nothing to fear at all.

Calm minds and peaceful thoughts,


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Welcome, it's good to see you on here!

We are a friendly bunch on here.

Don't know if you've tried Mindfulness?

Checkout Headspace and

Take care x


Hello and welcome.

Can't add to what Yummimummi has said,we each find our own way through the bad times,and we all like to help if we can.



Hello and welcome. Yes anxiety can be a real pain, but it is nice to have a group that understands and can advise when needed. I hope you find this place helpful as I have.


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