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Should I go to the doctor about this anxiety? I had never been this overwhelmed with it ever, but for the past few weeks I just can't shake

the constant anxiety. I have loss of appetite, the ibs-like symptoms (also new to me), the constant worry about things. Feeling quite debilitated, frustrated and of course worried. Tried all those teas, St. John, Valerian herbs - at best it will give me a few hours peace. I had never been sensitive to coffee before,but now I can hardly drink half a cup. Is there any hope?

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Yes; see your doctor.


Thanks for that. Over the past few weeks I have been reading various debates whether or not you see the doc, all types of natural things you can do to reduce your anxiety/stress levels, the natural way just doesn't seem to be cutting it. I called my sister in the meanwhile while waiting for sage advice 'cus she is the queen of the anti-anxiety meds - she said when I go in tomorrow, they will probably give me some xanax. What goes down with that med?


I would go to see your doctor but they wont necessarily give you pills although they might. \they may offer you some form of therapy. also have you tried looking on the web about mindfulness and ways of coping with anxiety without taking medication? I'm sorry i cant give you any info about taking meds as I have never taken them.


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