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I thought id share some beautiful positive happy news to you all... Ive been on here a while now but rarely post.. And when i do, its negative and genuinely not good news!

Well today it is fantastic news and i want to share.

As some of you are aware i suffer badly with panic attacks and anxiety to the point where i WAS housebound.. See how i highlighted was? After 4 weeks of cbt i feel alot happier in myself and i now go out everyday.. Ive managed to go as far as the shop in these 4 weeks. My shop is a good 10 min walk, everyday i go for a walk even if its just around the block. My therapy is ongoing but i wanted to tell you all how its going.

Just want to leave you with this little thought.. "If you believe you can achieve"

Hope you're all well and enjoying this lovely hot weather.

Ta'ra for now x

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That's a great post , very positive ,hope you can keep on achieving , well done you !



Hi Pete

How are you today? Hope you are ok , I'm sending you a big hug from Dublin.



Bigger hugs from a very sunny Lancashire, ive been busy doing a series of watercolours in my garden all afternoon ,

I am now walking with a stick instead of a crutch, and have been signed off as far as my spine is concerned .

Oh and sorry for the late reply.

Pete xx.


Well done you that's great news :) xx


Hi that's a great and uplifting post. You should be very proud of your achievements.

We often forget to note the good news and it does show that Anxiety can be managed,

This is great so take a bow.

Hannah x


Well done!

That's wonderful news:) xxx


Excellent well done!! :) x


Well done managing to get out every day. Hope your recovery continues.



Exactly. Wonderful news


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