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can somebody plz tell me where heart level is for taking blood pressure?

I have been in and out of the docters office for about 3 months now due to anxiety and they told me anxiety can spike blood pressure for short periods of time . every time I go to the docter my bp usally ranges from 101 to 120 stylistic over 69 to 84 diolostic and my pulse ranges from 67 to 80s somtimes 90s so I bought a bp machine for my home. it checks your pluse and every thing , its the digital one ,called life source,any ways im wondering where exactly my heat level is ? cause ive asked 3 different docters and they cant give me a straight answer , like cuff location and hear level would help lol let me no plz thanks

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I'm not sure what you're asking. The instructions with the BP machine should explain how to take your readings. Usually you should sit in a chair, up straight, feet flat on the floor, with your arm on a table at the side of you with your arm bent. Your hand should be at the level of your heart; just below your sternum.

Average resting heart-rate is usually between 60 and 80 beats per minute. If you are anxious it may be higher. If you are fit ( or have heart failure for instance) it may be lower.

120/80 is considered ideal for bp, with borderline hypertension starting at 140/90.

The tube on your cuff needs to be aligned with the main, brachial artery in your bicep.


thank you that was exactly what I was asking thank u very much u were a great help



I can understand your concern about you BP but even though the reading seemed high have any of the doctors you have seen been concerned ?

When we are anxious are BP does go up & then may drop down again when we are relaxed & it is only if it is up & stays up for a long period of time will your doctor then look at maybe medication

When assessing if your BP could be a concern your GP would usually along with the readings take in to account your age , medical history , weight & so on & as they put all that information together so they can make a judgement if they need to intervene & I am sure they would if they felt it was needed so if they have said for now they are ok with it & maybe said but every so often to let them check it again I would try not to worry even though I know that is easier said than done but they are the professionals who are medically trained

I had high BP for two years & it would not come down but in that time my GP was not concerned because my age & so on was at that time not what they felt a danger & so they were happy to leave it to see if it would come down on its own

Unfortunately for me it didn't but in a lot of cases it will & I eventually had to go on BP medication which has now took it back down to normal

I have never bothered with those machines so cannot answer your question & the main reason I have not bothered is because I know I would have been taking my BP all the time then if it was high that would have made me anxious & of course there would have been less chance I would have got a low reading , so I put my trust in my GP & let then decide what was best

I hope someone will come along though that can put your mind at ease with the question you have asked :-)





no they are not concerened they just told me to keep an eye on it I was to the docters office when my anxiety was really bad and I had a reading of 174over 93 with a pulse of 101 beats per minute. but I have been fine for a while now that my anxiety aint as bad I measured my bp in a store on there machine and its always 140 over 88 pulse 98 per minute,i told the docter and they told me not to bother with stores cause they are not very accurarte at all .the told me the closest thing to the docter I am going to get is a home bp moniter and I have been monitoring it for about 2 weeks now and in the morning it is any where from 98 over 60 to 130 over 78 pulse is between 60 to 75 in the mornings depending on how I sleep ,around noon time my bp can range from 107 over 70 or 120 over 79 pulse any where from 70 to 80 bpm,and before I go to bed I take it and it is anywhere from 98 over 64 to 115 over 72 pulse can range from 58 to 70 bpm itold the docters about that and they said morning bp can goe as high as 140 over 80 and is considered normal and they also told me bp fluctuates greatly throughout the day they told me to only moniter it 3 times a day and no more cause it would worry me when I see the readings lol I diddent know the peoples bp can fluctuate so much


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