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I've got a job!

Hello lovely friends :)

I've got some happy news, I've got myself a part time job! I am going to be selling programmes down Cardiff City Football Club on home games starting August 16th and I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! The interview wasn't easy, the man knew my Dad and Brother and seemed to ask about them and well that made me relax and be myself.

He then tore into me and said ' I wouldn't give you the job seeing you like this and also not working for 10 years isn't good look'. I wanted to cry. He was more into talking about my family but was tripping me up alot. In the end I got the job but I do feel it was down to my Dad really.

I will prove myself 100% when it all starts!!

It started some lovely anxiety symptoms. I've got tingling lips and my right cheekbone feels soft and tingling too. I guess being tore apart for being myself didn't help!

I am happy to have a little job, some extra cash will be brilliant. I just wish I wasn't tore into pieces lol

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Hi Cardiffgirl

That is fantastic news !!!

I am sure given this opportunity you will be a great success & please give yourself some praise as sitting through an interview takes some strength !

I wish you all the best in your new job :-)





Congratulations CardiffGirl! :-) That's awesome news.

Good luck with the new job.

All the best,

M x


Great news about your job.x


Good luck with your new job :-)


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