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Feel nervous all the time about everything I don't really understand what's going on hating this feeling

I go to bed nervous and worred sometimes sleep great like last night but still wake up in the morn worrying about everything I am not understanding what's really going on with me hating it I just want to wake up the happy me like I use to and enjoy my day. I am starting to understand ppl that have had these probs with depression and anxiety and how they just want to sleep this feeling away I haven't been told I have this prob but thinking after reading a a lot of things that this is what I am dealing with. It's just kinda of hit me the last few mths I have always thought the worst with Heath scares but the last few mths I have been beside myself with fear and worry has this happen to anyone else ??

Thsnks for any help guys

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I even feel so tence and nervous watching other ppl do scary things ekkkk i am I normal I don't feel normal


Hi you sound exactly like me. You constantly worry about your health. I get these feelings all the time but they pass but not quick enough. Are you currently taking anything for it? I at times don't leave the house. Constant worrying leads to depression. Hope you feel better


Thanks for your reply Hawaii2012 no not taking anything i am getting a mole removed (which I am stressing it's something bad) next week so might talk to my doc about that then I think about some kinda of counselling or something maybe


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