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Fun living with Anxiety....Not so much, LOL!!

As many of you I have read so far at least, I have dealt with Anxiety issues for a long while. Mine started as a young girl in middle school. Back then though it was called "growing pains". Then I had my first real panic attack, surge of energy up my neck, into my head leading to a numb feeling tongue. Scared the heck outta me. I was 17 y/o. Fast forward I had been on Paxil for many years and started to gain weight and just was not feeling right. I did some research and found that people who had been on paxil for many years were having issues. So I tapered off and started to work with an acupuncturist. I have also started to take more vitamins and watch what I eat the best I can. I am coming to this site as I am currently having symptoms of dizziness , pressure in the head and ears and tingling in my head with racing heart at times. And yet again it is the anxiety showing up with a different face, lucky me. I has been good to hear that other have the symptoms I am currently struggling with. Having issues with anxiety I often tend to struggle with the fear of having medical issues as I see some of you do as well. So, it is good confirmation that others have the same symptoms that I have been having. I look forward to being part of this group!!! Blessings to all!!

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Hi calm blessing

Welcome to the group


Hi hun now how you feel suffering aane as you how get though each day awful . Now worried got dentist this morn as tooth broken off last nite .. got hospital later to .... hwad scan results .. plus I suffer with eye pvd so now how anixerty nake feel gets ne head . Dizzy . Numbness etc xx


Hi Calmblessings

Welcome :-)

I am sure you will not feel alone with your anxiety & the issues it can cause as everyone knows how it feels which really helps knowing you are not alone & have people to talk to that understand :-)

Look forward to talking to you more :-)





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