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Anxiety dizzyness scared of dying

I am 20 years old and have had ancient since I was 16 it started from stress with my ex boy friend, he was very abusive physically and mentally. Every time I was in the apartment or around him I would get dizzy spells I couldn't eat or focus I ended up dropping out of school, calling my mom screaming in the middle of the night. It went away and recently has come back but Dont remember it being as bad as it is right now! I'm going through some health problems and I'm scared I'm going to die and think something bad is happening to me and I dont know what to all. My doctor thinks I'm nuts, so does my parents they say its all in my head. Nobody unterstands I get dizzy,fatigue, fuzzy, and felling like I'm going to faint nausea and puking (no I'm not pregnant). I Dont feel like eating or even wanting to shower I'm scared something will happen to me. What do I do to overcome this. And I've bin to the hospital they said everything was normal so it has to be my anxiety pannick attacks again. Any suggestions?

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You poor thing I know how your feeling I am the same it jumps from one thing to the next with my health I am always worred about geting something bad and leaving my kids so every body pain or bump I have I freck

Out it's the worst feeling ever. I am going to try yoga and mediation and might even go talk to a counsellor of some sort my friends are over hearing it I think so I need to get myself back. I feel so unwell and grumpy all the time hoping that's just all part of anxiety never thought I had it but guess I do.


You are not alone sweetnessxox , anxiety comes in many ways and real health issues is one of them. Believe me or not my main reasons for anxiety right now is my sinus and medications like Lorezapam. I'm light headed 24/7 and short of air on a daily basis. Yes, I always take less medication than recommended because I already had 2 bad experiences with Doctors over medicating you. Right now I'm taking biofeedback or doing some yoga on my own. I also see a psychologies for this but so far he is still evaluating my situation. I think that a little help from medication to start with (lose dose), therapy, biofeedback (deep beating) ,eating good and staying busy with hoobies or friends will do the trick for most of us. In my case the Beach is the perfect setup because I also get to clear my sinus just by being there and breathing, great place to relax and yes; great views) ;-) Yes, heading out this weeks for a few days at the beach so I'm looking forward 2 it. ;-)

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