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Anxious/dizzy when in front of computer

Hello, so I have started off with a case of social anxiety since I was 13 years old. I would be embarrased to talk in front of alot of people, embarrased to walk in front of them fearing what they may think of me, etc. I could cope with the social anxiety and all that, but one day I experienced a physical pain after exercise and was curious on the net to see what could be causing it and and I saw a bunch of replies "it's cancer". Ever since that day, I've become very aware of my health and the whole cancer thing wouldn't get off my mind for atleast a month. Finally, I got brave enough and did a test. Turns out I'm all good. Unfortunately, the whole month of being anxious about my health appears to have screwed me mentally.

Possibly a week or two after I got the good news from the doctor, while I was sitting on my computer I experienced a panic attack out of nowehere. Basically I had this awful feeling in my stomach, I felt dizzy, I went outside, walked around a bit but it just couldn't calm down and I said to myself, I'm dying!! I then puked out alot of water which caused my blood pressure to lower down which then kept me dizzy for a day or two. At that time I was not aware that such panic attacks exist and so I thought something could be wrong with me. The doctor gave me herbs that calm me down and after some time of drinking them, all of a sudden the the panic attacks started to reduce but then I started experiencing random physical symtoms such as fear of swallowing my tongue, again, dizziness, nausea, and I was constantly thinking it's all some kind of disease or brain tumor. Once I feel relaxed though, these symptoms are not present.

Now when I sit in front of my computer, I begin to become dizzy and nauseaus, feeling like I am going to pass out. When I get out of the computer and go do something for a while, the dizziness wears off.

So my question is, is it possible that something inside my brain is activating the memory when I first got my panic attack and is now making me feel anxious/experience fear?

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You've got it in one!

We've all got triggers which set off our anxiety.


So you're saying certain things can actually trigger these physical symptoms? It's such a relief to hear this. I'm actually still taking sone herbs which barely help but still have a tiny bit of effect. So after a long usage of this herb I have noticed that the worrisome thoughts have becone milder but the physical symptoms remain (is this possible?) and it's like they change every few days or week.

For example, this week tongue tension (fear of swallowing my tongue) then the next week dizziness, then breathing issues, and it goes on and on like this.




You're not alone. The secret is to learn to face your fear and overcome it. Ive been trying to learn it for 3 years now and it eventually ceases over time


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