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Drinking and anxiety/panic attacks

I've had really bad anxiety and panic attacls latlet off and on, and they are scary as all hell, I worry I'm going to stop breathing and die, or there's somthing wrong with my heart. I've been to the doctor twice and they said my vitals sound fine. But I still worry, It was my birthday yesterday and I went out with some buddies and had a lot to drink, I woke up with a hangover and have all the anxiety symptoms but way worse, does alcohol really make it this muchange worse, I woke up at 1030 am and it's 4 pm now and I still feel like this. ANY experience or advice wil help, please and thanks guys

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HI Mr, I know it can seem that anxiety can not make you feel as bad as you describe you feel but it honestly can , you did the right thing in contacting your gp but dont be afraid to go back and ask for more help. With the drinking it is true that it can make anxiety worse, as symptoms of a hangover can make you feel so ill that you are convinced its more and so the anxiety starts. As I said maybe go back to your gp and ask for some further help in over coming the anxiety x Donver x



Hope you are feeling a little better now than when you wrote this post

Drink plenty of fluids like water it will help get the alcohol out of your system quicker

When we are anxious even though the feelings anxiety gives us are unpleasant we get used to feeling that way , when we drink it depresses the nervous system & then as the drink is wearing of the feelings we get with anxiety start to come back & it feels twice as bad as we have just had them depressed for a while so the body feels it more if that makes any sense

There is nothing wrong with having a drink but even people that don't have anxiety if they go out & have quite a bit can feel like you do the day after , maybe when you go out again you can remember how bad you felt & just have a couple to prevent feeling this way again

It will wear of sometimes it can take a couple of days but you will start to feel better & nothing bad will happen

Sounds like you have some health anxiety & I know when you have we can go to our doctors & even though they say everything is fine the health anxiety still is there so we still believe even though they are trained to be a doctor that we know best & they could have got it wrong & like Donver says I would go back & see your doctor , explain how you are feeling & ask for some support with your anxiety maybe some counselling ?

Keep talking on here as it also helps to know you are not alone :-)

Take Care




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