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Cbt tomorrow


Evening all, I have my 1st session tomorrow of cbt and the anxiety is kicking in and saying to me why r u going you have cancer and the person is going to talk u out of it and that isn't any good for your health is it??? I have a terrible fear and anxiety of cance and someone in my family getting it. Every symptom is turned into cancer and I go in meltdown. I feel sick with worry with nerves my heart is racing and my stomach is churning. Sorry for rambling xxxxx

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Hi Nic x Oh good luck for tomorrow x I can understand that your anxiety is kicking in and its always going to be this way when we try to something new while we have anxiety x I can also fully understand the health anxiety and the fear of being ill with something like cancer x I to suffer from many forms of anxiety and its a question of ignoring your anxiety , mind over matter x I think you will benefit greatly from cbt, I have had it myself and while I do still have problems I can understand them and handle them a lot better x Try to not worry about the session you really have nothing to be nervous about, the first one is always the getting to know you one and asking how your anxiety came to be as it is x Dont worry about rambling your not, we are here to help if we can and I really think this cbt will be the help you need at the moment x :) Donver x

Thank you it's like I have this little voice saying your ok you r normal to have these feelings but deep down I know me feelings are far from normal and I do need to sok to someone. I'm just really nervous about what and where it will go I am a negative person so I'm thinking oh it won't work I'm going to be left like this forever. Thanks for responding to me xxxx

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Yes it can feel like little voices but they can be controlled, think of it like a virus taking over your body, what do you do, take medication and get well, so the cbt is your medication t get well x It will not go any further than you want it to go, I was a very negative person, never saw the good in anything, the world was out to get me, but now I can think more positive at times x And it was the work in the cbt that helped x It will only work if you are willing to try and what have you to lose x No probs happy to help xx :)

Just remember that that person is there for you so you talk as much as you like. It is one place where you have permission to talk about you for the whole of the session and nobody is there to judge. Hope it goes well.


Good luck with the CBT. It's hard work sometimes but it works if you keep at it

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