Weird eye feeling?

I have had a very weird feeling in my eyes for about 2 months. It's hard to describe the feeling but it's almost like tired and blurry and like I'm in a dream. I went to the eye doctor and they said my vision was fine. I've been thinking maybe it's allergies. It's usually worse in the afternoon after a long day, or in school when I'm bored. Any help?


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  • Hi love I get they same I think I'm goin blind but I'm not it must be part of anxiety, I too also had my eyes tested and there finr , hope u feel beta x

  • Get them to check if you need varifocals - I experienced this along with dizziness, especially when moving my eyes between reading & the TV

  • Hi there! I just joined this site. My left eye goes weird when I read. The Eye Doctor says I have astigmatism. It makes me so unwell.

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