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In fear all the time

In fear all the time

hi my name is krista and im 40 and just been told i have premenopause,i have benn suffering awhile with lots of things and going to the doctors has been a waste of time until now,but now my anxiety is so bad i cant leave my room very much,i just keep thinking im not here and that im going to forget my family and where i am and i dont know nite or day,i have been drinking to just do the everyday normal things and i hate it,like i had to go to my sons birthday party the other nite and i had to have a drink to go,i have suffered from anxiety since i was 17 and no how to fight it but this is so hard because im tired and constantly anxious,i take aropax 1 a day and my dr wants me to take 2 now and im so scared pls help anyone,need help.

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Hi Krissy

Love the photo you both look lovely and thanks for sharing.

My anxiety seem to kick in more when I was premenopausal as well, so I sort of know where you are coming from.

Are you getting any other support from your doctor or any one with your anxiety?

I went a long time with out any help and turned to drinking as a way of coping with my intense feeling and anxiety.

This in the long run did me no good at all as drink is a depressant and was and did make me 10 times worse to be honest.

have you spoken to your doctor about the way you are thinking and feeling/ it might be an idea to go back and have a word with him, also be careful if you are taking meds as well as drinking as the two mixed together are not good for you and can be dangerous as well.

I get very tired when I am anxious and want to hide away and some times I even go to bed for a couple of hours, as I find this constant anxiety can wipe me out.

You are never alone with this and come on here and post away as I am sure others will have some good replies for you as well.

Wishing you well.

Gardener x


thankyou so much,im trying not to drink but its hard,i have told my doctor but as we have just moved here 6 mths ago dont really have a stable dr here,my husband is gud and my daughter is great but its still hard


Hi krissy so sorry to hear about your trouble with anxiety. Like you I've struggled with anxiety since youth. I'm premenopausal like you.It just makes the anxiety so much worse doesn't? I want to reach for the bottle(and often do and have done) when my anxiety is at it's worse. It's good to hear you have supportive family. My partner is very good as he supports me financially as I haven't a job(which I feel guilty about ). I'm on antidepressants which I think have made a difference. It will be good when you get settled in with your new doctor. S/he can't wave a magic wand and make you better(my doc always telling me that!) but they can alleviate that awful worry. On my worst days I go to bed for a couple of hours as anxiety is so exhausting isn't it. Not sure if I've been much help,but you are certainly not alone. By the way your picture is lovely,you have a kind face. xx


thankyou so much sam,i do have a very big heart and will do anything for anyone,im so happy to see your reply and im so relieved to get some help from others because im so alone with this,i know its not going to be easy but im trying,just sometimes i get sick of fighting and then i look at my family and i know i want to.


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