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Dealing with Panic and Anxiety Post Car-crash and with medical issues

I'm sorry in advance for what feels like my whole life story but please help.

I am intolerant to Gluten, Lactose and Preservatives.

I also suffer from sinus/throat inflammation, asthma and anxiety.

I also have strong chances of an inheriting thyroid and auto immune disease, since every female family member on my mums side has it.

Last year I lost almost 20kg in 3 months and it was the best thing I ever did.

I dropped from a size 14 to a size 6, from 75kg to 57kg

Shortly afterward, 10 days after my 20th birthday a crazy man crashed into my car, writing it off.

So since November 2013 I haven't been able to run anymore.

I had been running 20km a day (10kmph) which I had worked up to from walking to walking 20km (5kmph) to the whole massive running thing. I also had a regime of endless squats, lunges and planks.

Being asthmatic I always found fitness hard but I was finally able to challenge myself properly after getting personal training with Vision personal trainers. After my crash life got intense and I couldn't walk for more than 5 minutes... without getting migraines, dizziness, nerve pain and muscle pain. I'm talking everywhere I had pins and needles, I had swollen/numb hands and numb feet, also burning pains all over my whole back.

Since my anxiety had pretty much disappeared with the extensive exercise, which doctors said acted like anti-depressants I signed up for 5 subjects this university semester. Which everyone says they wouldn't even recommend it to a student getting all high distinctions which I was last semester pre-crash.

Now I have severe anxiety, lots of panic attack, migraines, blurred vision, vomiting, loss of appetite and pins and needles. I want to improve but I'm scared that fixing this may mean that I don't graduate university this year or losing my weight again. I am unhappy being 75kg again and I haven't really seen most of my friends since putting on the weight. I am going to the physiotherapist and casually seeing a university counsellor. I am also getting a psychological evaluation in three days.

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You need to decide what it is in you want. You may need to sort out all the physical stuff before you can tackle the exercise issue and uni. Write down all your symptoms and feelings before you go for your evaluation and take it with you so that they get a full picture. MR


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