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Massive rush blood pressure went 185/100

I was lying down watching tv last night and all of a sudden I had a massive rush feeling firm my stomach to my chest. I panicked as it felt horrendous. Rang an ambulance after 45 mins of panicking. They said my heart was irregular but when I got to the hospital they gave me deizepam blood tests and went to a ward to relax for a few hours. They said everything was normal no thyroid heart or anything wrong. Just said its stress!! Has anyone else had this. It felt horrible:( I'm so scared of it happening again

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A horrible experience but take heart that you've been checked over in a hospital and they found nothing wrong.

If it happens again just try and think to yourself 'okay I've been checked by doctors and I know it's only anxiety'.


It's so hard to accept. I think I'm having a heart attack or a dangerous amount of adrelline ect :(


I have had high blood pressure while having a bout of anxiety, good part is that they checked you and you were fine, you are fine. And even if happens again, even though its scary, remind yourself that ITS A LIE you are fine, it won't kill you and you will be fine


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