When you breathe heavily, does anyone feel a sigh of dread?

Hey all. I started having bad health anxiety about 5 weeks ago and it got worse and worse. I am currently on sertraline.. At first they made the symtoms worse but now they have got better. I was just wondering if when u take a big breath does anyone feel dread and then butterflies in there high stomache.. I have real bad anxiety, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go bed. It's getting me down it really is.. Please any one?


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  • I get that too and dizzy when I breathe in, its all part of it. I find ignorimg the sensation usually makes it easier. I have symptoms all day too. I am about to be done though. I am over it, and tired of it, and God didn't give me life to be living like this. I will pray for you

  • At least I ain't alone then:) it makes me feel like somet is wrong with my lungs or I'm really sick.. Then I start worrying and then feel sick. Even if I have a cough I think it's serious! It's getting me down so bad. And aw thanks:) I hope ur symtoms get better too:)

  • hi Beth. Just to say I've been on Sertraline for 5 weeks today and boy has it been a bumpy ride! The side effects I've had are hard and the constant butterflies and sickness with it have been difficult to cope with sometimes. I hope you haven't had to many side effects. Anxiety symptoms are different for all of us. My breathings ok, it's my stomach that gives me grief. I think the Sertraline is starting to work. I hope you're seeing results to. Take care xx

  • hey.. when i first started taking sertraline i felt asif they were making me worse so i kinda missed a few of them which i regret cus its takingf longer for them to finally get into my system! and yeah i get butterflys especially when i worry my self and over think things i more than likely dont have. it makes me so paranoid even tho ive been to the doctors and they listened to my lungs and did a ECG and all come back normal:( and thankyouuu, you to:) xx

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