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Health anxiety

Almost everyone today is posting about health anxiety. Most are aged around 20 and all have worries about cancer, heart or brains.

So here's some advice trying to help.

You've talked yourself into it.

The more you feed your anxiety the worse it will be!

The more you write about it, talk about it, think about it, google about it, see doctors about it, talk to friends about it etc

You need to get out of your head and into your life

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That's like saying to someone with depression "Pull your socks up and snap out of it!" When people are experiencing general anxiety disorder the whole point is they CAN'T stop doing all those things that feed their anxiety. First they need an explanation of how they've acquired GAD, what's happened to their nervous system and the limitations of GAD. This gives some reassurance and helps overcome their bewilderment. Then they need advice on self help methods that in time will restore their nervous systems to normal which may or may not include medications to begin with and may or may not include counselling. Just telling someone to get out of their head and into their life cures nobody.


I was writing about health anxiety, which usually comes under an OCD diagnosis , rather than gad. The treatments are based around cbt, behavioural modification, socialisation and distractions, which I agree are also useful for depression.

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I didn't know that anxiety is broken down into 'health anxiety', GAD and OCD, thank you for enlightening me. I myself am a believer in the acceptance method for recovery advocated for many decades by Doctor Claire Weekes as it was the only thing that effected my recovery something that the famous Priory Clinic with CBT failed to achieve.


I think im going thru it for about months i had my panic attack back in june and about 1 week later i started to have these symptoms of anxiety im at the point where i worry about heart disease cancer and other serious stuff right now im worried about cancer and stuff getting in my blood ik it sounds crazy but thats what im worried about at this moment it scares me alot


Try and work on improving the anxiety


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