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Is anyone going threw what I am helpp!!!


Three years ago I had a panic attack from then on I was always thinking about it worried I was going to have another from time to time I

Would have a panic attack but then wouldnt have another for a few months but was always thinking about it but now for the last four months I have started having daily symptoms dizziness feeling sick back neck ace feeling shaky inside pressure head aches and sometimes when I dont even have a head ache I get shooting pains in my head which I can only explain the pain like an electric shock but its really the dizziness I hate I some times feel off balance and get really bad rushes of spinning some days I wake up feeling great not even thinking about it not stresses not worried the all of a sudden I just get these symptoms I get chest pains and sometimes feel proper out of it just recently I got blurred vision which I can only explain it as like a think layer of gel over my eye and it moving basically ive been told I have anxiety but I need to no if all these symptoms you can get with anxiety I have recently been referred to cbt but I dont wont to take medication as thats one of my fears as I worry to much of the side effects I also get like a lump in my throat please helpp

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I agree totally, I was given a slew of meds that did nothing to help the situation. The last one gave me muscle spasms and brain zaps. I turned my back on big pharma and went with vitamins and supplements. B12, Magnesium citrate, and GABA . The panic attacks disappeared while taking the B12 , mood was greatly improved. The GABA though is the star of the show for me- complete peace and calm, i can fall asleep at night now, no more RLS and racing thoughts (seriously, it was like I had an engine in my head revving at a constant 3000rpms all night long)

Hi there

First off have you been for check up?

What you have described can be anxiety related. Anxiety comes in many forms and at at times can be hard to believe it is anxiety.

I don't use meds but I do use mindfulness.

Checkout the websites Headspace and

Both are very good at keeping things calmer:)

Have you tried cbt? If not give it ago. Good luck :)

Yes I have been to the docs explained how I feel but had no tests and they said its anxiety ive just been referred to cbt just waiting now to hear back x

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