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Is my anxiety becoming more rooted in depression?

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is well!

My fear of blood clot in the leg is back, I have pain in my inner thigh right above the knee, I was told that location is a possible clot. and I'm at a point were I'm just thinking let it happen I don't want to go to the doctors if I do have it let it happen it's where I M at. And I cry get emotional about it because I just think my kids will grow up without me and probably it's for the better they won't see me suffer through this anxiety depression.

My ex says that the leg pain is probably sore mucles since I have been walking avoiding a complete step by raising my big toe when I walk which hurts when I complete the step.

But dunno I'm at a given up point so much has happened since a few days ago mentally

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You do sound like you have HA & when we do we can focus in on one thing & convince ourselves we have it & it can get to the stage where we get so worn out with they worrying over it we think just let it happen

Who has told you that it could be a blood clot it cannot be your GP because you have said you dont want to go & see them & whoever has I doubt if they will be medically trained to give you that opinion yet as always when we suffer with anxiety we will listen to people that tell us our worse fear rather than seeing a doctor & believing them

I am not a doctor but I think your ex is right & I really think that if you have already seen your GP then you should believe them & if not think about going to see them because you need peace of mind

My Mum died with a thrombosis & after my health anxiety went into over drive & I told my doctor I was frightened it could happen to me

There is a blood test they can do , they gave me one that gives them an indication if your blood could be prone to clotting , mine came back ok & therefore the doctors had no worries , could you not ask your GP for this blood test it might help with the fear to have it done

I know when we have anxiety , some can feel depressed but your kids no matter how you are will think the world of you & believe me you are their Mum the only Mum they have & no matter what no one could replace you & they certainly would not be better of without you either , I think these thoughts can be part of when we are feeling low

Have you phoned the Samaritans in the past , they can be really could to talk to & are there 24/7 sometimes talking to someone can help

Think about seeing your GP again





Thank you whywhy for responding,

And wow my post barely makes sense I was not thinking right at the moment sorry.

Sorry about your mom :( and you had a good reason for your HA mine it's just articles I read while I was pregnant with my last lil one that sent me into over drive about the clots before that it wasn't that bad.

I was sent to the hospital a month ago because my doctor said I had the symptoms for it.

They tested me and did ultrasound everything was fine and the er doctor told me pain in the inner thigh is a cause for concern.

That's what I'm feeling now more around the knee and I just don't want to go, they'll most likely tell me it's muscular and give me pain meds which I don't take they are bad for my stomach. :(

I'm just giving up.

you have a good point about my loves, and I shouldn't do that to them. :( I'm just stuck right now.

Can't shake off this stuff I'm thinking.

No I haven't done so I'll see what my area has that's similar to Samaritans thank you for the advice I'm in such a fog. :/ can't think straight.

Thank you.

:) hugs


Oh and I feel like this isn't happening right now like an out of body experience it odd dunno if that makes sense


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