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Everything is so loud

It's like the world is on fire, everyone is screaming . Even though I'm just sat in a room on my own,everthing is just too loud; the murmers through the wall, the sound of my cat outside, even a pen dropping sounds like an earthquake in my head. I just want it to all just shut up already! I just want peace and calm and quiet but it never stops. It makes me stressed.and panicked, I've literally pulled out hair. Im not really asking anything but i just have so much adrenaline rushing through me from all this, i had to do something

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Hi Torot I hope you're feeling a little less stressed today. On this anxiety site I think we all feel like that on a regular basis. Went in to town today which is good step for me. Part of me hated it as to much noise,but part of me was pleased to be with people. I've got very mixed emotions about it. Now in the quiet. Anyway take care x


Hi, don't get me wrong, I love being with my friends, but they distract me from the noise. as soon as they aren't there, it's like someone just turned it up to 100000, even if I'm in a quiet place, even my bedroom or a library. I can hear EVERYTHING and there's so many things happening at once. The only way I have found to stop it, is ironically to put on music really loud. I guess it just drowns everything out


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