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My mind never eases in the health anxiety,

Hi everyonel!

I'm here not doing so great.

I have aches and pain in my right foot for days now.

Yesterday I cleaned my patio and it was really dusty with sand/dirt.

Since this morning everyonce in a while I get a hiccup cough, just a sudden cough, my left shoulder got a dull ache all the way up to my neck, a slight headache and I've been dizzy this whole day. I haven't been able to calm down and nothing is helping it's just To many things going on.

Heart palps when I breath in deeply I am just tired of this all.

I know it's anxiety I know what I have to do but it's not helping. What do you do when your at this point.

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hello. If it was me I would do something to distract myself. Something involving light exercise. Go out for a walk someone nice and look at the scenery. Just something to take your mind off it for a while might make some of the aches go away, which might settle your mind a little.

Also if you aren't already being treated for anxiety, take a trip to your GP and ask to be referred for some counselling to try and put your worries in perspective.

Good luck, Leveller


Thanks leveller for responding but like I said the distractions and it wasn't cutting it at that time luckily I'm better.

It's what do you do when all else fails?

Doctor doesn't want me on meds just yet :(


Hey Yaz, its horrible when you reach that point, like you could just lose it, i used to go for a walk, exercise etc the pain would go and I would know I am fine, now I like to do things that make me more alive like meeting mates, going to party's dont always mean I'm doing the best things but I feel good ;) last night no one was around I led in the middle of my bedroom floor music right up and just kept saying im fine I'm fine and the music blocked it all out ;) good luck always ere for a chat!xx


Hi PinkCookie!

I took that advice it's crazy how when you are going thru these episodes you forget about the simple things that can help I've been listening to music during the "peace" moments my lil ones give me and it has helped :)

Thank you!!

Hugs yaz


Yeah music is one of the best ways to relax specially when there's songs that you can relate to ;)xx


Hi :) I can relate so well! My mind just keeps on building up thorts, I constantly keep thinking I'm dying.. I get dull back ache sometimes my arms ache and get a tingling sensation.. Wen I over worry I get headache and dizzyness. It's just like I wish I woke up one day and it would all be over like and I forgot about it all!


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