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Anyone read about the grandfather`s sperm theory?

Iv`e been reading recently that research has discovered that stress can alter the genetic make up of sperm, & mice that suffer trauma can pass it on to their grandchildren. I never knew my father`s father, but as my dad was born in 1920, I assume that his father fought in ww1. Maybe he was shell shocked, & this theory would explain a lot about the panic attacks that I had in the past. The thought that it`s down to my genes is a scary thought, & would mean that there`s nothing that I could have done to avoid it.

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At first it made sense, but then I remembered that my Dad was already born, long before my Grandfather had his breakdown, so his sperm wouldn't have been 'traumatised' at that time. I'm glad about that because Granddad was gassed during WW1 and committed suicide in the end. Surely don't want that legacy! Thanks for the info though, it's really interesting.

Take care.

Marie xx


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