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Wanna go home and never want to come back here

I need a fresh start in Essex away from all the drama of being around this part, can't live at home anymore as that is where most of the stress is coming from, I am at college Monday through to Friday, at the gym 4 nights a week, running around like a headless chicken (no time for myself), I am honestly surprised that my body can handle this stress on top of everything else going on. I am absolutely exhausted, its a wonder I haven't collapsed yet. My emotions are going haywire, my counsellor is not in till tomorrow, going to speak to Welfare today and see what she suggests because I really can't be at home but I may have to wait until next year to move back home as got exams and another course this year

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You do sound very busy but your post is a little confusing re what you call home. I'm assuming you mean where you live when at college and where you used to live with parents? Did you manage to speak to welfare and was it helpful? Do you have any friends at college you can talk to or perhaps spend some time with? Sorry not been much help.



Essex IS and will always be my home. Spoke to Welfare and they are looking into it for me. Most of my 'friends' have moved away and I don't go out much


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