I'm really really really scared?!?

I swear everyday it's something new. Yesterday I stepped in some broken porecelain, I didn't think much of it I still walked around a bit and also today I even went to the doctors!! I forgot to tell them.

I come home it's starts hurting more I finally sit down and I see that I had a small piece stuck in there and I got a needle and at first I poked it a lot then i scraped it and got it out I don't know if there is more in there it doesn't hurt to step on it, after I took it out my foot started tingling every once in a while it does. I just read that a piece can break and enter the blood stream or body and kill you I am freaking out bad since I've been having chest pains all of today.

2 Replies

  • Go and get it checked out,just to put your mind at rest x

  • Anxiety can cause dreadful pains, so it is not wonde that you feel so ill, the fact that you forgot to tell the doctor about you foot may have triggered your anxiety chest pains off, but don't be scared, in fact make an appointment now to see your doctor and write down what you want to see him about, hope this helps.

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