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Anxiety getting abit high :-(

It maybe because I'm 8 wks, nearlly 7 wks away from my due date. My anxiety seems up and mood is up and down and I'm just really tired most the day. Maybe pregnancy related but I know my anxiety is there. Plus my house is still upside down which is making me feel fed up. I've my room and bathroom done, kids room nearlly done and beds coming wednesday. Then hall/stairs/landing to do and the living room. I've laminate piled up in my living room for once it's decorated. Tbh I'm glad we r at my moms this wk. she's away so we r stopping the wk with the dog cuz she's old and as to have her medication, plus it's easyer for me as the schools just round the corner. I'm hoping all the painting done while I'm not there and just wallpapering left. I will say I went home to day and painted two doors and cudnt really smell paint as I had windows wide open and the front door. I just really can't wait till it's done but is sister is doing a great job. It wud struggle if it wasn't for her as I was knackered wallpapering one wall lol

Hope everyone is ok old and new to this site as at the moment it's hard to find time to come on xxx

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HI Donaf x Oh its creeping ever closer that date :) At this time of pregnancy the body is releasing a lot of hormones to soften the cervix and get the body ready for the long labour so its natural to be up and down and anxious, giving birth is the most anxious thing in the word to a woman x Try to not think to much about your home Im sure it will be ready soon enough x time to take care of you xx Donver x


It's harder now and the anxiety is getting bad but like u say it's time to take care of me now xx


Hi donaf

Well you certainly know how to keep yourself busy , what a lot you have been up to !

I can understand I like things doing but I don't cope very well with the disruption but I can imagine it will look lovely when it is finished keep holding on to that thought :-)

This pregnancy seems to be going so quick Bradley will soon be here & those hormones will settle down & you will soon be holding your precious son :-)

I think you have dealt with everything extremely well , please try & have a little break put your feet up now & again :-/

Take Care





Hi whywhy how r u? Didn't know u was back very nice to hear from u :-) I'm not good with disruption in the house but glad it's being done. I can't wait for Bradley to be here but I'm so anxious about the birth xx


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