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Does GABA work for sleeping and anxiety?

Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone had used GABA to help aid sleep and for anxiety. I'm going through an awful insomnia cycle at the minute and have heard GABA can help to induce sleep. Has anyone used this before and did it help? Also where did they buy it from as don't want to buy from any dodgy websites that may be unsafe,

Thanks x

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Hi elmo

I have never heard of it before , but I would seriously think long & hard before trying something that you don't know about & even more so where you are buying it from , in fact I would not advise it personally

I would though either ask my GP or even a pharmacist in a chemist what they think because even with natural things if this is one if you have any other underlying health problems & take any other meds some natural things cannot be taken along side them

I hope you do seek medical advise if it is safe for you to take

Take Care





Hey why why,

I will definitely have a word with my GP before I even think about buying anything. I was just wondering if any one else On here had had any experience of it before. I have googled it and it seems to be some kind of supplement that promotes certain hormones in the brain like melatonin does but that's all I know about it. I certainly need to research a lot more into it I think xxx


Hi elmo

I have asked my GP over certain things & she will always say yes they are fine & so on , even though I am not sure if she thinks they will work , but have found on odd occasions she has said no I cant take it because of other things I take , so I even ask over supplements now & have been surprised when they have said no a few times !

Hopefully someone may have taken them & will see your question so they can tell you if they worked for them & if you get the ok from your GP & you take them you will have to let us know how you found them :-)

Hope you are keeping well :-)



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