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Don't know what this is. Any input? (TMI Tummy issues)


Hi guys!! Hope all of you are doing great.

Um im not so great. Ive been dealing with abdominal issues.

My flanks hurt, my stomach is painful and bloated, lower part hurts, more when I push/kick anything with my feet, constipated and unable to pass gas. Doctor saw me yesterday and he just did a physical exam said I was constipated and that we should address that first. A couple night ago when I would sneeze uterus area would hurt I told him this and again he said just to clear my bowels first.

The thing is I fear that with the sneezing that I might of caused damage obstruction or something.

I feel horrible and I can't do nothing about it. I've been more tense then usual can it be that??

My body is tired of being tense that it doesn't want to push out bm.

I feel weak and my body aches.

Trouble swallowing food so I'm not eating only drinking water, and I still feel thirsty.

I'm done with this

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Oh and I get this moment of doubt like what if I read to much into the whole ovarian cancer and now my body is mimicking those symptoms is that possible?

Hi Yaz. I've just come on line and seen how poorly you're feeling. You did the right thing seeing your doc (proactive!). I think once he gets your bowels working a lot of your symptoms will go. All that pressure on your internal organs hurts a lot! Our bodies just being tense all the time is painful to. I'm having an anxious day and my tummy area has been so painful I've been thinking I must have a hernia! But I had a good day yesterday and no pain so I'm thinking it must be just muscle tension/spasm. Hope you'll be feeling a little better soon xx


Hi Sam thank you for answering. :)

Hopefully it is just the tension, sorry your feeling the pains too.

You made me look back on my week it was doing fine till stress kicked in on high demand so maybe it is the anxiety. :(

Hope your doing better


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