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Constant fast beating heart feeling shaky almost like I will loose it and pass out??

Anxiety ??

Hello everyone I am dealing with a sore throat these last few days the other night I took cold and flu meds which tend to give me heart palps but I was desperate wanting relief and also I've been drinking one cup of coffee in the morning lately and the last two days I feel odd as if I'm in a dream and my chest feels like its giddy shaky my heart has been beating faster then usual everyonce in a while I do experience hard palps and a feeling as if at whatever moment I'm going to just faint. Is it the caffiene and meds that made my body be on high anxiety mode??

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Hi there,

It could be but I would say it is your anxiety that is fuelling this.

I have a cup of coffee in the mornings and stick to herbal teas during the day.

Check out the websites Headspace and

I can highly recommend these sites as they are very helpful in keeping everything calm:) x


Coffee, cold remedies, high energy drinks and decongestants make me feel lousy. I feel wound up shaky and defines truly more anxious so I never have them. I have one decaf coffee a day and drink decaf and fruit teas.


What is it with all this mania about coffee? All over London now people are running around town with a cup of coffee in their hand and two white strings coming out of their ears in a state of perpetual rush. In fact the other night I was watching a film and the lady detective every shot had a cup of coffee (it might have been tea ) in her hand or clutched close to her chest like a third tit. Shame 'cause apart from the mugshots it was a very good film. Fair cup and all that. I'm going down the pub. Assuming they are still some about. AFCnuts


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