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So lately ive been having really bad anxiety its npt as bad as it usto be like a week ago but now when i go to bed i jave these wierd dreams i wake up around the same time everyday and this night it was wierd i woke up feeling like i was going craxy i had a dream that i own a castle ha ha and then i woke up and i still thought i owned it and then i started freaking out because i though i was loosing my mind does anyone ever get this i usto take paxil like 2 days ago for my anxiety i just took it for one week so yea idk

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Yip.. it's happened to me many times.. don't worry, as far as I know it's semi normal.. :-)

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Hi there, I think if you wake up in the dream stage of sleep it can seem very real and take a while to come back to reality so dont worry you're not going crazy and hey think yourself lucky I have recurring dreams about toilets :D xx


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