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Feeling weird when getting home from school, help?

When I'm at school I'm feeling okay and I'm busy then the thought of goig home and what I'll be doing tonight makes me feel funny, I get home and I'm constantly on edge waiting for something to happen I worry about something suddenly happening is that even possible? Why do I feel wierd when at home? Sometimes I think its because i associate it with fear as it's where I had my panic attacks an where I worry something will happen, is this normal?xx

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If being busy helps you feel ok they when you get home from school find something to keep you occupied.Crosswords or puzzles are pretty good or you could even ask for more homework :D lol.

Kenny xxx


Hi Hun,

Can you get involved with a gym or is there guides unit you can join? Did you look into the websites?

They really do help:)

My daughter is with the girl guides and thoroughly enjoys it.

You get to go on summer camp and other outdoor activities:)

Hope this helps :) x



I too would try to find something to do at home. I sometimes find it hard coming home from work as I am on my own for a couple of hours and this lets my thoughts wander which is not always a good idea. Would it help to keep a diary about your day?MR


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