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Big mistake??

Didn't have to work today after all... not until the 1st... But I was almost panicking as I was driving to the Resort... I wish I knew what was causing this anxiety to be so strong at this point.... I just want to go back to bed again... I haven't been taking my quick fix pill and it looks like I may have become attached to that little bugger... Its the only thing I can think of that has changed.... Now I have read one or two articles on this Xanax and its a bugger to drop if you take it to long... steve

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Sounds as if you could be right.Dont know anything about this medication so can't offer any advice,but reading up on it sounds a good idea

Anne xxxx


HI Againx Oh thats sort of short notice x But then again good in some ways as it gives you a little more time to get used to it x You are bound to be all panicked on the way as you are unsure of how you will be, its perfectly normal for anyone going to a new job even to be like this x Maybe the next few days even though you don't have to go, have a drive there, get t know the area and so on, try to take notice of your journey, how the road feels, how long it takes, it there a shorter way, it takes your mind off the destination and can be useful for when you go for real x Anxiety can come in such strong waves its hard to say what triggers it each time but keeping a diary of how you feel can hep you spot them x If you need to go to bed do so, but if you can stay awake and try some of your cbt or other methods x Donver x


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