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Hi, people

I have had this problem of struggling to breath but always comes in a dream and when the body is not too well(when am sick). This also happens when am on a long journey in an airconditioned bus(those with sealed windows) where I have to travel the all night. The problem is gives me a lot of pressure. It has been there for over 15years. PLEASE HELP.

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Hi, this happens to me too and it feels like I can't wake up but I'm aware of it. I went to a neurologist years ago and he said is a condition that occurs to some people in their sleep, but is not dangerous. I live with it and try to not worry anymore. You should still see a doctor to make sure that is not sleep apnea thou.


It might be sleep paralysis which I'm affected by, it can be pretty frightening when it feels like it's such a struggle to breathe and you can't move your body. I found a great article a while back explaining what happens, I'll try and find it the link for you. I remember it saying sleep paralysis is more likely to happen when you go to sleep laying on your back


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