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Feeling a little better

Hey guys,

Last week I was waiting for some news that was likely to send my anxiety through the roof. I'm still waiting for that news (hopefully today and tomorrow) and I pretty much know what the news is so it's just the formality of being told, but I think I'm feeling better about it.

This morning when I woke up I didn't get 'doomhead' (as I like to call it) at all, which is rare. I'm ready to face a couple of my issues, and this news, with the attitude that it will soon pass and things will return to 'normal' until the next thing comes up. Things will continue to surprise me in life, to come out of nowhere and get me down but I have to get on with it. Everyone faces the same issues and problems and just because someone doesn't have anxiety doesn't mean life is easy for them.

I think my positive mindset is due to a nice weekend with family. I'm lucky that mine support me so well, I know it's not something everyone has.

Hope everyone is coping as well as they can.

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How nice to see you so positive.I hope all the news you get is good and you are able to continue in the same frame of mind.

Take care Kenny-w


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