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Anxeity :(

Hi everyone im mel and i have sufferd from anxeity for 2years . When i first was dignosed with it i was really sick where the poiny i had to stay in bed anyways, i have a fear n my fear is me haveing sezuires i keep pictuen em in my head, imagen em, if i see one , hear about it i panic straight away :( i have had this fear for 2years ... im scared ill have one i have had ct scan last year n everything came back out normal but tonight i woke up cause i bit my tounge in my sleep ? Im always looking ar symptons of sezuires can that play with my head like think. Im gunna have one cauae also always think about it

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Hello mell

Welcome to the site I have found it very helpful to talk to others with anxiety.

Are you getting any help from your G/P with regards your anxiety?

It is not nice when are minds go in to over drive and over think things it seems to take over our life. I have found mindfulness helps me loads and a web-site called Headspace is well worth a look.

keep posting on here and I am sure others will reply to you with there thoughts.

Gardener x


Hi Mell,welcome,I too went through a period of biting my tongue when sleeping,it went away after a few weeks,hopefully yours will as well.Try not to google or look at sites on your health,it only makes you worse and if like me only makes your mind work overtime.


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