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Stressing about upcoming hospital admission!

I`m finally going to get treatment for a rectocele that has been giving me trouble for a few years now. I`m being admitted to my local hospital for a procedure called rectal augmentation, which involves injecting collagen to strengthen a weakened rectal muscle. I go in on tuesday, & they`ll give me a local anasthetic, & midazolam to sedate me. I`ll have to stay in for the night because they don`t allow sedated patients home the same day unless they have someone to look after them at home. I`m looking forward to being free of my symptoms, but I`m nervous about the procedure as well. Has anyone on this site had this done, if so, what was it like, & were you pleased with the results?

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sorry I've not heard of this before but hope all goes well.



Hi Hairyfairy I have not had this procedure but I have heard of it and the results are usually very good.I hope all goes well for you I know being sedated is worrying but you will be well looked after

Thinking of you Kenny xx


Hi hairyfairy, sorry dont know anything about this procedure but hope all goes well and leaves you feeling better :) xx


Hi hairy fairy

Never had it done myself but hope all goes well and you get some longterm relief. Xxx


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