Decided to seek a private psychologist !

£250 per hour !

Amazing eh!

The fact that the medical profession only masks symptoms and has no conclusive understanding of the brain, basically means that you are paying for someone who has about as much chance as fixing anxiety as a plumber !!

My reason for going is that the NHS won't prescribe Xanax , but apparently you may be able to get it via private.

NHS will prescribe Valium note, which is basically the archaic version of Xanax.

I just want Xanax for once a month when I have to be up very early for a trip to London with work, and it makes me anxious.

The medical industry is madness , profit from misery , purposely obstructive and completely baffling !

Rant over

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  • HI x Wow that is a lot of money !! NO wonder mine has a nice car lol x Yes I can understand your points in some ways, I have always found the people to ask how anxiety is and whether it will get better are those who walk the path themselves x

    I have never heard of xanax, but if the Nhs has a similar is it not better to go with them and save yourself a fortune ? I can understand you wanting something to help with the anxiety mind, I have always said if there was a magic pill oh how life would be easy x Donver xx

  • I think the forum rules don't allow discussing meds actually, oops

  • Hello,

    it's perfectly ok to talk about medication, the only thing we can't allow is people advising on dosage or people giving medical advice.


  • Ah ok, well Xanax is a new formula advance on Valium, and doesn't remain as long in your blood stream . I managed to get some previously, but want to go through an official route. Its superb for occasional use, like once per month. I would actually use the word magical, because instead of feeling groggy the next day, you feel reset and relaxed and ready to roll!

  • ok so she was pretty shit hot and impressive intellectually, but I can't help thinking she was still trying to sum me up based on one hour... These people don't live with you during the anxiety and that's just a simple inescapable fact. She summed me up very well, and in fact I couldn't imagine a more insightful Psychologist, I've been referred for some CBT, but will it ever help me really ?!

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