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Is it possible to lose an inch in 3months?

I had another appointment with the pre-op people at my local hospital today. I don`t know why they needed to assess me again when they saw me in september, anyway, last December my height was taken along with other details, &I measured 5`4" as Iv`e always been all my adult life. At this assessment however, I appear to have lost an inch in height, surely that doesn`t happen in just 3 months? the nurse measuered me again to make sure, & still the missing inch! what on earth is happening to me. I know people often lose height as they age, but not that quickly surely. I`m quite scared now!

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hi hairy x I've been told that as we get older the spongy substance between the vertebrae in your back lessen so the vertebrae get closer and we shorten in height x also if u hurt ur back slip disc etc or arthritis it can happen xx donver x


Hiya Hun:)

Please don't be too alarmed by this. I had a health MOT and I was measured at 5-5 and like you I was a little shocked as I was 5-6!

I was reassured and told it just comes with age:)

Hope you have a calm evening.

Hugs x



Try not to worry you do loose height as you get older , I know an inch seems a lot but maybe the time before they didn't get it quite accurate

They didn't seem worried , so I wouldn't if I was you

Mind you as I am 5 foot nothing , made me wonder how small I will end up !





Hi hairyfairy

I didn't realise people got smaller as they got older, I'm only 5ft2 as it is so would be gutted if I got any shorter

Jules x


I`m wondering if doing stretching exercises would help.


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