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Feeling very anxious today!

I went out with my friend who is 6 months pregnant last night for a meal and catch up. I like a couple glasses wine wen I go out for a meal and ended up having three large glasses over the course of the evening. I felt very tipsy as it went straight to my head. I'm on 220-300 mg per day if venlafaxine and woken up this morning and I'm so anxious n panicking and can't control intrusive thoughts and over worrying!! My heart is racing too :( can abyone give me advice or help to stop this over worrying and intrusive thoughts etc xx

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Hi Hannah,

I'm sorry you feel so anxious today and I can absolutely relate to the intrusive thoughts and over worrying. I'm afraid I don't know anything about Venlafaxine as I have only been on Sertraline myself. Do you think the alcohol may have influenced your meds maybe? Like, does it 'wash' your meds out of your system a bit faster than usual and you're a bit depleted? Also, do you think maybe your friend being pregnant made you very aware again of how fragile life can be or something like that?

I'm struggling myself today and really feel for you. Can you take it easy today and be gentle with yourself?



Hello, sorry to hear u have also had a bad day. I think it's because my dosage has been increased. Has reacted with wine. I'm usually fine with three glasses but that's my max limit !! Thought I'd b ok, not a big drinker anyway jyst really enjoy wine. Gonna have spritzer a I. Future and just 125 ml glass rather than 2.50. See if I'm ok with that but if not. I'll stop all together. I rarely go out but have an occasional drink at home (3 glasses max) and an usually fine but havnt had any recently and not since increase until last night. I have intrusive thought regularly and have to take extra meds on those days. Suffered from anxiety/depression since I was about 15, alwYs been a worrier and a nervous person. Was diagnosed with PTSD just before Xmas too so..... It's a daily battle but feel better since being on venlafaxine . Go has tried me on so many diffo ones! Sertraline made me so Ill! Different ones suit different ppl. They havnt tried me on fluoxetine yet tho but very happy with venlafaxine .... Fingers crossed it will stay that way. How are u feeling now Hun? Xxx



I hope you are feeling a little better now :-)

Three large glasses of wine may have not mixed very well with the meds you are taking !

Drink plenty of fluids & take it easy today

Try not to focus to much on how you are feeling ( easier said than done I know ) but the more you feed the fear the more anxiety it will create

Remember these are thoughts & I know they can be unpleasant but its the anxiety that creates them & they wont harm you & the less importance you can try & give them they will fade again

Is this the first time this has happened since increasing the meds & maybe the first time you have had a drink while on this dosage , if so it sounds like to much alcohol & meds don't mix very well but if it keeps happening even when you haven't had a drink have a word with your GP , it could be they have to review the dosage you are taking

Hope you feel better later :-)





Water is what I would use today, lots of water, if your meds don't mix well with the wine. I know I am not on the same but if I consume any alcohol it does me the same so I drink a lot of water to wash out whatever it can. If there is a way you can go walking or just try to keep your mind busy on something else I know thats easy to say but hard to do. Sorry your feeling bad. One second at a time today. Hugs.


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