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Pain with anxiety?

So I have posted a few questions on here in the past few months and received a great deal of help with my current situation (which I greatly appreciate) I wanted to ask this to see if others have these feelings. I have been having neck aches (where top of neck meets the base of head) I also have these aches in my head along with pressure. I was at the museum the other day and had what seemed like entire body aches (like a sickly flu like ache kind of). My scalp is even sore to the touch. If you guys have seen my previous posts you would see that I have seen and discussed with a lot of doctors and had a pretty good work up of tests. I was wondering if I should possibly get an ANA test for auto immune diseases. I know obviously that everyone may be rolling their eyes about another test, I just know that inflammation can cause my symptoms as well. My Neuro said that he wouldn't order the test because he didn't think that I was symptomatic of auto immune disease and that usually and that the bigger ones that I was discussing with him Lupus and MS would have shown on my MRI. I have discussed this with my Chiro and she tried to adjust, but I still have the pains and aches. Could this possibly be from the stress or inactivity.

Thanks guys!

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Hi there:)

I would say from what you've said, it's the anxiety.

If you can try and catch yourself by that I mean, check your shoulders aren't hunched up, take some real deep breathes from the tummy and exhale slowly at the same time relaxing the body. Imagine a piece of paper that you've screwed up real tight and then you just leave it to undo.... That's what we are like with anxiety.

There is a very good website/app called " Headspace" give it a go it may just help:)

Take care xx


Thanks YM!! Nothing takes the edge of more than a little reassurance. I knew that anxiety and stress were powerful; but never in my wildest dreams did I think that the human body could be affected like this and there be "nothing physically wrong." I am going on 20 health care care professionals and all say roughly the same thing. But my body is beginning to feel worse not better and it is very worrying.

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like yummimummi has said it could well be the way you are holding yourself . I think when we have anxiety we tend to tense our muscles and not stand or sit straight and tall. also as you yourself mentioned lack of activity is not good for our bodies. Has your chiropractor discussed any exerercises you could do to keep your muscles strong. I have been told that the pelvic floor muscles are very important and we should try and keep these supple.



I agree I have had lack of activity for the past two months. I have spent a lot of the computer this past year due to work and online school. My Chiro has only really done Acupuncture as everyone thinks it is anxiety (which she thinks will help) But I want to work on more therapy next appt to see if this helps.


Aches and pains are common with depression and anxiety. Focusing on your recovery and working on your goals will help.

Failing that, medicines used to treat anxiety can also help with pain, namely: venlafaxine and pregabalin.


That was what I have been thinking. PLus I have been laying around for some time due to these symptoms.


Have you ever been given the tender point test for fibromyalgia? Fibro can cause the pain you describe and anxiety and depression are a symptom but not the cause of fibro. It is neurological disorder. Xxx


I have fibro myself. X


I have not had this test, But due to the sudden onset of symptoms in the beginning do you think this could be it?. I mean everything just hit me on December 13th. And I was dizzy lightheaded etc. Now two months later I have been getting these aches. I was thinking possibly because of all of the tension or stress that my body has been enduring. Thanks for the response!! I will look more into this as well.


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