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Does anyone else ever get days where you feel so frustrated that you could scream.This last week I have felt like I could explode with anger

Everything gets to me and I feel like my world is so small and I am the only one in it. Just when I think I am in control it all goes pear shape again.

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Hi Bonny,

Yes I have days and weeks like that. Sometimes the tiniest thing can set on off. Where I live we don't have back gardens just a shared area for bins. Someone put rubbish in my bin you would think they committed the worst crime ever.

I also have problems with people in work, silly things that start me off. I too feel my world is so small and I am like a hamster of wheel going round and round.

I have suggested some things that help me in my post Top 5 Tips. I find eve forcing myself to do something can help to break the endless negative feelings :)

Take care x

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I am getting this often. Feel like i could scream and get irritable. I think it comes from getting frustrated with anxiety or its anxiety symptom.



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I'm afraid just a trip to our local Morrison's supermarket can set me off and really me getting cross doesn't help the situation but why do people have to be so self -centred and rude. My partner just looks at me in horror sometimes. the thing I find the hardest though is the way some people talk to or treat their kids. I'm sorry it's just appalling. Then you make phone calls and your just a number not a person . Where has compassion and community spirit gone? Then i come on here and people spend time answering posts, or a friend, partner or son phones and things calm down a bit Rant over.



Hi Bonny I understand where your coming from. Although I don't really get angry

I can get more irritable .

Today my friend and I were in M & S having a lovely coffee and chat , there was a couple at next table and the man was arguing very loudly or complaining about

Something to his wife. It was very loud and he kept on and on and I could feel

Myself getting stressed. Now my friend hardly noticed them and it shows you

We are more sensitive. I glared over at the man but he wAs so selfish and kept

Repeating this point. I felt sorry for his wife.

But sometimes I find if I get really like I'm ready to scream, it's a mood thing and

I try and take some excercise. It's hard when you feel like that

Kind hugs

Hannah x


I hear you..could you not have just got up (with your friend) and moved away to another table where you would not hear this uproar? What a world!!! I went to an Elton John concert where the couple in the seats behind me launched into a fight that started before Elton hit the stage, and continued after he started the show!!

May God help us all, and if you don't believe in God, may whatever help you that helps you!


Hi Bonnybaby,

Yes add me to the list as well.

Have got a lot better lately, but did use to find myself getting really wound up over virtually nothing.

The times I have walked out of shops because of a variety of things, customers, stock, staff.

Trying to stay calm when others are rude or self-centred, having to bite your lip in case you vent your spleen and cause a bigger a problem which you will be seen as the instigator and not the victim. All very difficult.



Being polite/having good manners: optional in today's world!


I get that nearly every day :(


Yes. It happens; you become aware of it and you overcome the tiger, I mean the fearful feeling that is about to overtake you! So you are a winner and not a victim of our Inner wolves. Let us enjoy freedom.



Yes when I get frustrated I want to scream, unfortunately I usually end up crying instead!

Jules x


Yup, me too!


Yes. Sorry.


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