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Neurotic Bride

Neurotic Bride

Hello, everyone!

I had noticed I was an anxious person a long time ago and tried different activities to try to feel better (meditation, exercise, reading...), but when there was a crisis, nothing could help me.

I'm getting married in July and we don't have enough money to pay somenody to help me. So, I have to research, decide and worry about most things by myself (although my fiance helps with some things). I wonder if there are brides over here or people who have been bride before to help me go through this moment. There are a million things to worry about, many things to be done and I always end uo thinking there is something I forgot. As the wedding approaches, I feel my anxiety getting worse and wonder how I will be able to control it or at least soften the symptoms.

Thanks for your help!

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Love the picture , that said it all :-)

They always say there are a few stressful things in life , one can be moving home but getting married is up there at the top along with it so first the way you are feeling try & accept this is quite normal for most brides to be

I know you will have already done it but make yourself a list & stick with it , cross each thing of as it is sorted & don't keep going back to it once you have doubting what you have done or organized

Try & stay focused on the most important thing about this wedding & that is you are marrying the man you love & any guests that are coming are there because they want to be a part of this wonderful commitment you are making to each other :-)

I know every bride maybe dreams of their perfect Wedding Day & I am sure it will be :-)

Your day will be perfect as long as you & your future husband are there together whatever else may be is a bonus :-)

This is just how I would try & look at it as I am not an expert on weddings even though I am married , some members may have some better suggestions though

But I hope you enjoy your day & congratulations :-)

Keep talking on here it does help with the anxiety by getting it of your chest how you are feeling :-)





Thank you for the list tip! I'll try sticking to it instead of windering all the time.


HI Bitter x I to am a very anxious person, so nervous and shy around people and panic at the silliest of things. I got married 6 year ago this July and it was the most stressful nerve racking period I was ever going to experience I thought, but I was wrong. I did it all myself, choose what I would wear, and where it would be, what we would do after, the works and because i didn't have to argue wit someone over it, it was stress free. If it was,nt right, it was my fault. The day its self was nerve racking and I said my vows so fast the vicar had trouble keeping up lol x but it was nice as it was a day of celebration and happiness, so relax and try not to worry, it is really no matter what goes wrong or right, its that fact that on that day you get married and start a new life together xx Donver x


Your story made me feel a bit more relaxed. Shit happens. And I'll surely end up acting in a silly way at some point too. But , as you said, the important thing is that I'll start living with the person I love. The rest is history.


Hi Bittersweet lady.

I have just read your post and think I must let the wonderfully wise and helpful ladies on the site help you. I hope all goes well with your wedding and congratulations.

Best wishes Kenny xx

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Thank you! The messages are very supportive.


I got married 2 and a half years ago. I did get stressed to start, but then realised I couldn't afford to get stressed.

What is it you are wanting help with? Coping with the run up? Or organizing and planning?

I had a notepad filled with all my ideas, websites, phone numbers of companies that I needed, and prices of things.

I made sure that one thing was dealt with at a time, set times and days of what I would deal with and when, as it can easily turn chaotic. If you deal with one thing at a time you get more sorted. Write it all down, every detail, in a way you understand. Try and enjoy it. As I said I started to stress but in the end I realised there was no need. One thing at a time. Anything I can help you with just ask :) xx


That's a great testimonial! I actualy started writing those types of list, writing my next steps in a way I understand. Although it is not really practical for other people who may see, it helps me remember details. Even so, it was a bit difficult for me (for being such an anxious person) to enjoy the whole process. But, as you said, there is no need for that much stress. I'll try my best to keep track of the details, but relax well enough to enjoy the ride. Thank you!!


Hope it all goes well for you xx


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