Self harm

I've been working with my councillor and found that I have without really knowing that I've been self harming.

This has come out in many different ways from general scratching to a violent cough. But we have manged to connect it all to my trigger.

I have also learned why I do this and it's related to control. With me putting myself to the edge then being able to step back. This reminds me I'm still in control.

Although a little surprised, it made perfect sense. And as soon as he touched on the subject everything just clicked into place.

Now I know, I can now work on dealing with it.

Just thought I would share :-)


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  • Hi I don't know an awful lot about self harm, I have only done it once but can understand why people feel compelled do it. Well done for getting help for it and working out strategies to combat it xx

  • Hi Morrie x Oh sounds like some positive progress well done x I think nowadays so much can be put down to self harm that we never really even considered x Most just assume the obvious. I overeat and scratch myself all the time deeply and would of never before connected it to the anxiety I suffer x Glad to hear of your progress x :) Donver x

  • thanks for sharing it is great to here when people have success with there counsellors.

    gardener x

  • hi morrie, great that you found answers and can make some sense of it all... Im thinking I may have issues there to, im covered in really dark bruises!! I have an itch and scratch it so hard it marks, normally when im anxious my skin itches and burns... xx

  • Hi januk,

    I can relate to that. My councillor said self harm can come out in many different ways from biting your nails to anorexia. I think most people including myself thought it was just people cutting themselves or something. ( just shows how little I really understood).

    With me I can now connect everything. I must say my councillor is extremely good.

  • Hi there:)

    What a lovely positive post:)

    It's good to hear that things are working out. Thanks for sharing. Xx

  • Hi

    I am pleased you have shared this

    I have a bad habit that I do when I am feeling anxious & even though it is not what I class as self harm , a friend & I were talking about what I do & she said it is like a form of SH , I said no it cant be as I thought I am not cutting or anything but reading what you have put looks like she could be right !

    I am pleased you seem to be really benefiting from your counselling sessions & hope it continues :-)




  • Hi that is very interesting. The thing about Control is a difficult one.

    Sounds like you have a good counsellor too, which is great. Thanks

    For posting this too.


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