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Self harm

I've been working with my councillor and found that I have without really knowing that I've been self harming.

This has come out in many different ways from general scratching to a violent cough. But we have manged to connect it all to my trigger.

I have also learned why I do this and it's related to control. With me putting myself to the edge then being able to step back. This reminds me I'm still in control.

Although a little surprised, it made perfect sense. And as soon as he touched on the subject everything just clicked into place.

Now I know, I can now work on dealing with it.

Just thought I would share :-)

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Hi I don't know an awful lot about self harm, I have only done it once but can understand why people feel compelled do it. Well done for getting help for it and working out strategies to combat it xx


Hi Morrie x Oh sounds like some positive progress well done x I think nowadays so much can be put down to self harm that we never really even considered x Most just assume the obvious. I overeat and scratch myself all the time deeply and would of never before connected it to the anxiety I suffer x Glad to hear of your progress x :) Donver x


thanks for sharing it is great to here when people have success with there counsellors.

gardener x


hi morrie, great that you found answers and can make some sense of it all... Im thinking I may have issues there to, im covered in really dark bruises!! I have an itch and scratch it so hard it marks, normally when im anxious my skin itches and burns... xx


Hi januk,

I can relate to that. My councillor said self harm can come out in many different ways from biting your nails to anorexia. I think most people including myself thought it was just people cutting themselves or something. ( just shows how little I really understood).

With me I can now connect everything. I must say my councillor is extremely good.


Hi there:)

What a lovely positive post:)

It's good to hear that things are working out. Thanks for sharing. Xx



I am pleased you have shared this

I have a bad habit that I do when I am feeling anxious & even though it is not what I class as self harm , a friend & I were talking about what I do & she said it is like a form of SH , I said no it cant be as I thought I am not cutting or anything but reading what you have put looks like she could be right !

I am pleased you seem to be really benefiting from your counselling sessions & hope it continues :-)





Hi that is very interesting. The thing about Control is a difficult one.

Sounds like you have a good counsellor too, which is great. Thanks

For posting this too.



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