Early morning hospital visit

I was up early (well Mum calls 7.30am early) as she had to go into hospital for another MRI scan. She has aneurysms in her ear/base of skull. She had scans last year and they were found, she had them for ages.

She had to have another scan and got this early morning scan. I went with her, I've had an MRI myself (Long boring story) I was shocked not many people were working and I ended up walking around the hospital and ended up talking to a cute nurse lol.

The scan took 40 minutes and Mum wasn't happy with the long time in the scan. It was too cold for her. I hope the results show the aneurysms are gone or got smaller, don't want my Mum to be sick.

I did have another sleepless night, thanks to some strange sounds. Each night around 12.30/1am I hear loud bangs, like gun shots or fireworks. I do live near woods so maybe someone is hunting rabbits or humans (that did make Mum laugh)

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  • Hi Cardiff.

    It was good of you to go with your mum I hope the scan was not to traumatic for her. I like you live quite near to some woods and I often hear shots but they don't wake me up.

    Take care Kenny xxxx

  • Hi Kenny-w I do think I shouldn't let these noises keep me up but I do lol. I wonder what it could be! Mum found the scan too cold but she had a little sleep during it.

  • hi Cardiff, well done going with mum to the scan, not nicest of places to go, been about 6 times with my wife, just glad to get out hope your mum gets her results back soon.xx

  • Hope the scan results are good for your Mum and very good to go with her. These things can be scary on your own.

    I hate noises at night but am in the ???fortunate?? position of being almost deaf, so once my hearing aids come out I hear nothing. It's the creaks and knocks before I take them out.

    Hope all is good now, Julie xx

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