Anyone still up??

I know there is a post already about how everyone gets to sleep but usually when I write a wee post on here it calms my mind down enough to try and fall over...doesn't seem to be happening muscles ache...they are hearts fluttering...doubt there will be much sleep for me tonight.

I keep telling myself in my brain it's nothing but anxiety but after a few hours the bad thoughts are starting to win...I have the churning stomach...hate that.

Anyway I hope everyone else is in the land of nod...certainly wish I was there.



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  • Hi Ashley, I've just got up again couldn't sleep so had coffee and fag :D not the best remedy but makes me feel better !! Have to be up at 6 really annoying xx

  • Hi Mimii

    I'm in the midst of a panic attack. My arms went all numb there, had to get up and walk about now I'm on the floor in my mums room..,I'm meant to be up at 7 :-( the joys lol xx

  • Great isn't it :D what you doing on the floor, does that help xx

  • Well I didn't want to be myself and she doesn't have a bed big enough for the both of us so I'm wrapped in my duvet on the floor lol.

    It's quite comfy actually.


  • Can imagine you all snuggled up on floor :) Did your mum wake up xx

  • Yeah I just explained I was having a minor panic and could I come in she was trying to be sympathetic but she doesn't get it so I just lay down...bless her...she tries. Now she's gabbing away tryin to take my mind off it.

    You gonna get some sleep or you wide awake? Xxx

  • Wide awake at the mo will have another coffee then try going back to bed in a bit xx

  • You are the only I've ever heard of having a coffee when they can't sleep. Lol. I do miss a wee ciggie now and again. Could do with one lol xxx

  • Im used to caffeine dont think it affects my sleep , how you feeling now any better xx

  • Yeah apart from wee flutters now and again I feel much calmer. Hopefully I can fall off to sleep but I feel wide awake..aaaahhhhh lol xxx

  • Going to be tired later will be lucky if I get 3 hours sleep, will go and have my coffee then try bed, hope you can get some sleep soon xx

  • Hope you got to sleep :-) xxx

  • Back on sofa, hubby snoring like a mega pig so will try and sleep down here oh joy :D xx

  • Had about 2 hours, now Im off to work absolutely shattered, had some weird dreams , hope you got few hours sleep xx

  • I was so tired in the end I couldn't even pick my phone up but I still couldn't sleep...up for work now...please let the day go quick!! :-) xxx

  • Hope youve finished work now, try and have a relaxing evening and get some rest :) xx

  • mimii

    Been reading this & then I see your comment hubby snoring like a mega pig , only you could describe it in such a way :-D

    I see you got some sleep though even if it was on the sofa , maybe a sofa bed is needed & when he is snoring you can get on that :-/


  • Glad you like the mega pig description :D we've recently ordered some new sofas, I tried them out in shop to see if they're comfy enough for sleeping :) xx

  • I love it how you go into your Mum's room. Mum's always make us feel safe. I miss my Mum. take care of yours ... Mum's are precious.

    Hope that you got some sleep. Julie xx

  • Hey Julie

    I do try to take care of her but she's a star...never moans about how she feelings it's always how everyone else is. Guess shes old school lol xx

  • Hi Ashley

    Sorry you had a bad night

    Your Mum bless her she does sound like me , if I am unsure I just keep talking ,she was trying her best :-)

    Hope you are feeling a bit better today :-)




  • Hey you.

    I hope you are doing a lot better.

    She was doing her best bless her she said to me "I just don't know what I can do to make you feel better" I told her being there was enough for now lol.


  • Oh Ashley you have a good Mum there :-)

    Sometimes there is nothing we can do but listen & be there & she is

    Have to be honest don't know if I would let you in during the night , I could say get to bed , I am grumpy when I am half asleep , so give her a cuddle she is a good one :-)


  • Hi Ashley, I hope you feel ok after such a tiny amount of sleep, and you had work this morning!!! You poor thing, hopefully you'll get a better night tonight.

    I know why you had to be close to your mum, do you know I'm still the same now and my mum is 83, but she's the only person to make me feel safe and secure, she always makes me feel better and I love her so much. Take care sweetheart, all the best. X

  • Hey Kimmie

    I never really got any sleep in the end I keep falling asleep at my desk lol. Not long to go now.

    Yeah I know what you mean about your and mine don't get on all the time but I always feel safe when I'm with her.


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