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Still not great

Hi guys not really got to much to say other than still not feeling any better since my post this morning. If anything I fe worse since I've been home from work. Been looking after my niece tonight so tried to put a brave face on things not sure how successful I was. In bed with a film no work tomorrow so I'm gonna be home alone with nothing but my thoughts should be fun.

Hope everyone is doing ok


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What's the film mate?


Didn't realise I had put this as a question to. Thought it didn't post. Brains a bit fuzzy today.

Watching a few episodes of game of thrones so not really a film.

How's you cookie?


Fed up mate, Ive never seen it. The last good film I watched was the hobbit. I love them films. I remember reading the books at school.

Don't tell anyone but I love Harry potter too lol xxx I'm a big kid :-)


If you like sex violence and excessive swearig then you'll like game of thrones lol

Yeah same here. What's got you so fed up?

Love LOTR and the Hobbit. Read and seen all of the Harry Potters to lol. So your not the only big kid


I like the violence and the swearing but the meds have put a block on my sexual prowess for the time being lol, not for the want of trying. I hope dementia isn't setting in coz I'm starting to forget what goes where lol.

Im just fed up feeling like this. I want the old confident me back.

It's nice to know I'm not the only kid lol. I wish I could wake up one day and the world is a Disney/ Pixar film xxx


Maybe it's a good thing I'm avoiding the mess then lol.

Sorry to hear that's how your feeling. I bet the old confident cookie is a fun cookie :-).

I get what you mean about not feelin like yourself. I hate feeling like this it's not me.

A Disney/Pixar film would be fun. Any in particular?


Owww we loves a bit of game of thrones :-)


Winter is coming ;-)


I've not seen the third series yet, but did watch the full second series the other week,

Yes winter is coming :-)


Just watched episode 4 of season 3 and I'm about 3/4 of the way through the fourth book. So yeah I'm a game of thrones fan lol


My friend did mention that something came over the wall in one episode, so I'm guessing its going to really kick off.

I didnt get into the first book, and gave up. But I think I could manage it now, as I know the characters better.


The books a defiantly worth a shot really good


I'll dig it out,

I'm just reading " the pillars of the earth " by ken follet at the moment, I'll have another bash at it after this one as I do like the series



Hi Will sorry you feeling no better...

Hope you enjoyed the film, catch you tomorrow if your around



Hi Will

You have got through the first week , its still early days & painful for you , but with each day , things will slowly get better

Keep going ,





Thanks whywhy not feelin like that at the mo bit of and emotional so and so today will be good when I go out later lol.

How you doing?


Hope you have a nice time , try & enjoy yourself

Me well , I am not the best at the mo anxiety , trying to play me up & I think it may be winning ;-D

Eldest daughter phoning me in a bit , so looking forward to a catch up with her ,she works hard , doesn't live as close as I like , so I look forward to our chats

Don't do anything I wouldn't have done at your age tonight ;-)

That means you can do what you want then :-D



Not going anywhere exciting got to go see the vampires then buy stuff for dinner. I'm cooking tonight. Then off to pick my niece up from school. So there's not much I can get up to lol. And I'm a good boy anyway :-/

Sorry to hear that hopefully speaking to your daughter will help perk you up.


Yes she always cheers me up :-)

Cooking again ...we will have to have you on "Ready Steady Cook" ;-)

Its good though , you are keeping busy

I was one of those back in the day , that I could get into trouble ,even with the most simple things ..don't no how ...but always seemed to manage it :-/



My ex always said I should be a chef not sure if its for me though.

I'm trying to keep busy finding the motivation is hard though.

Maybe that's what I need to do is find myself some trouble to get into lol.

Have a good chat and catch up. :-)


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