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Had such a nice xmas and new years ! Eat to much and had more alcohol over 3 days then I did all year !!! Lol was all so much better than last year ! It was ok last year but anxiety was still not great plus was in bed befor 12 at midnight last year !!!.......this year was great gd fun with kids gd to spend time with family and not actually wont to leave after 2 hours lol ! Lpuss me and the boyfriend r getting on so much better ;) ! I thought after all the alcohol id consumed that my anxiety would play up hasnt touch wood lol bk to the school runs tomoz not looking forward to that lol hope u all enjoyed your xmas to :) x

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Hi Stacey, really glad u enjoyed Christmas and new year. In glad the alcohol didn't make or anxiety worse. Im scared to have one glass of anything because last time i drunk my anxiety was really bad all that night. It will be two year at the beginning of march since i drunk at all. I will stick it on my mist avoided list along with stopping on my own while OH as a night out working. I cant do that either but have tried it twice :-) x


Thank you it was anxiety was like thst but not every time I drank ! And if I drink beer I seem to b ok ! Have u tryed a different drink ? Im ok with the staying on my own bit tho as me and my other half dont live together but he stays over at weekends or wen hes of work on holiday ! Its nice actually wen kids r in bed to have time to my self :) x


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